Stand Rock Campground 2023  Rules


The use ofCampground’ refers to Stand Rock Campground, Wisconsin Dells, WI 


Abandoned Property:

Abandoned Vehicles, Boats or other property are not allowed on Campground property. Campground Management reserves the right to remove property that is determined to be abandoned property. 


Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, Long Boards and Hover Boards and Riding Devices: 

No riding of Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards, Long Boards, Hover Boards or any other riding device after dusk.  Helmets must be worn by minors at all times when riding.  Bicycles must have Safety Orange Bicycle Flags attached to the rear wheel.  ‘Low Riders’ are not permitted in the campground.  Children who have not yet completed first grade are not allowed to ride bicycles or other riding devices in the campground without a parent present.  



No boating is allowed on the Campground ponds.  This includes any and all watercraft or floating devices. 


Boats and Trailers:

Boats and trailers must be stored in the designated northwest corner of the property adjacent to a designated marker post.  Trailers and boats must be tagged with a name, phone number and site number prior to storage.  No boats or trailers may be stored at RV sites.  The annual storage fee of $150.00 (plus tax) must be paid with the Seasonal Agreement Deposit by September 1st for the following season. 



All drones and radio-controlled toys are to be used in the field by the burn pile. They are not to be operated by in the RV’s or in Common Areas.


Drunken or Disorderly Conduct:

Drunkenness, intimidation, inappropriate language, bullying, harassment, violence or threats of violence will result in immediate termination of this contract as well as intervention by authorities as necessary.


Electric Bills: 

Electric Bills are due and charged on June 7th, August 7th and October 7th. Electric bills are auto-drafted using an encrypted Credit or Debit Card required to be on file with our office for the purpose of charging electric bills only.  Electric Invoices will be emailed.  All payments received after the due date of the 15th of specified months will be charged a $25.00 late fee.  We reserve the right to lock electrical pedestals when electric bill goes unpaid.


Electric Meter and Water Access:

There must be a clear path on your designated site for reading electric meters therefore; no structure may be placed over water lines and/or electric meters or connections.


Fires / Fire Pits: Each seasonal Camper shall supply their own fire pit with a lid.  Campfires are not allowed if fire pits do not have lids to extinguish campfires. Campfires must have lids on them prior to Campers retiring for the night and when leaving the property.  All campfires must be contained to two (2) feet in height and NO bonfires will be allowed. Only one fire ring per site is allowed.  Stacking fire rings is not allowed. Use the fire rings for fires only; no cans, bottles or garbage. Yards surrounding fire rings must be free of leaves/dried grass to prevent fires.  Do not leave fires unattended.  No Fires are allowed when the DNR or Management deems fire danger is high.  Fires must be extinguished no later than 12:30am. 



Per Wisconsin State law, outside firewood cannot be brought into the Campground unless it is FDA Certified Disease Free.  Campers must notify Management if bringing in outside wood.  All firewood must be stored on a rack six inches above ground per the Health Department.



No fireworks, explosives or sparklers are allowed on the premises. 


Fishing Rules:

An adult must supervise children while fishing.  Fishing ends at dusk. No fishing or trespassing on RV Sites.  Fishing is allowed in common areas only.  NO minnows allowed.  You must use worms or other bait. One pole allowed per person.  Do not leave poles in the pond unattended.  Please do NOT take or catch frogs! (They are good for keeping the mosquito population down).   No fishing from boats, watercraft or any floating device 


Garbage / Recycling: 

It is the responsibility of the Seasonal Camper to take all garbage in tied plastic bags to the designated garbage station.  Recycling must be placed in the dumpster designated with ‘Recycling’.   State law forbids placement of lawn clippings, yard waste, batteries, oil and paint in dumpsters. Do not bring large items such as mattresses, TVs, grills, etc. to the dumpsters or the burn pile. Dumping items in these areas or wooded areas of the park will result in a $100.00 fine and / or termination of the Seasonal Contract. No personal garbage allowed from outside the Campground in the dumpsters. Yard waste must be placed in paper bags (no plastic) and brought to the burn pile.


Golf Carts / Golf Cart Drivers

Golf Carts must not exceed 5mph and must yield to pedestrians and vehicles.  Golf Cart Drivers must be a minimum of 16 years old and hold a valid Driver’s License and be children of parents on the Seasonal Campground Admission Agreement in order to operate a Golf Cart.  Children and passengers must be seated at all times.  No Guests of Seasonal Campers are allowed to bring in or operate Golf Carts.  A current copy of Golf Cart Liability Insurance must be provided to Campground Management.  Golf Carts are not allowed to cut across Campsites.  No driving of Golf Carts while intoxicated.  All Golf Carts must be clearly labeled with the Seasonal Campsite number.  No driving of Golf Carts after dark except to return to your site immediately upon leaving a Campground sponsored event or leaving the Lodge after dark.  No pleasure riding of Golf Carts after dark.  All Golf Carts must have lights.  Golf Carts are to be driven on the Campground’s main roads only.  The use of 2-cycle engine golf carts, ATV’s and motorized scooters are prohibited at the Campground. 



Guests are defined any person who is not a signee on the Seasonal Admission Agreement or a minor child of the Seasonal Camper. Guests must register at the Lodge or by using the ‘Registration Drop Box’ at the Office. Anyone who is not a signee on the Seasonal Admission Agreement that is not a minor must register upon arrival each time they visit the campground. The registration procedure is as follows: Guests must sign a ‘2023 Waiver and Release of Liability Hold Harmless’ and the ‘2023 Stand Rock Campground Rules’ form, pay the guest fee and obtain a guest parking pass.  Paying guests must include a check for payment with their registration. It is the sole responsibility of the Seasonal Camper to make sure their guests register properly and display their guest-parking pass on the interior vehicle mirror. Guests must pay a $12.00 per day per vehicle upon registration.  One day means no more than 24 hours. Guests are limited to no more than three consecutive days.  Unregistered guests or guests with incomplete registrations are considered to be trespassing on Campground property.  The maximum number of guests per Seasonal Campsite Admission Agreement is 6. Larger groups require Management approval in advance. Seasonal Campers must be staying in their RV with their Guests. One, 4-person tent is allowed with advance permission from management for a maximum of three nights.  There will be a $30.00 charge for guest tents.  Guests are subject to the same Rules, Policies, Signage and Directions as Seasonal Campers.  Seasonal Campers shall be solely responsible for the conduct of their Guests. Any Guest who is a convicted Sex Offender or has other violent or criminal history is not allowed in the Campground. 


Illegal Substances:

No drugs or other illegal substances are allowed on the premises. 



All Seasonal Campers must provide current proof of insurance each year on their RV Unit and Liability Insurance on their Golf Cart.  Please turn this in with your signed Seasonal Campground Admission Agreement. 


Maintenance of Site:

All Seasonal Campers must maintain their site by mowing, trimming and maintaining an overall kept appearance.  Any grass over 4 inches in height will be mowed by Campground’s maintenance staff at a fee of $25.00 per mowing, per site.  Sheds, decks, patios and personal property on site must be in good repair.  If your site is not cleaned of leaves, branches, and debris by June 1st, the Campground reserves the right to charge you a minimum of $100.00 and a maximum of $200.00 for cleanup.   No tents, ‘easy-ups’ or second RV Units allowed on sites.



Motorcycles can enter and leave the Campground to park at Campsites outside of quiet hours only.  Motorcycles may not be pleasure ridden throughout the park. During quiet hours, motorcycles must be kept in the front lot. 


No Lifeguards:

There are NO LIFEGUARDS on the Campground premises. The undersigned on the Seasonal Admission Agreement, his or her family members and Guests, while swimming or being in the area of the pool or ponds, does so at their own risk.  


Parking Passes: 

All vehicles on the Campground premises belonging to Seasonal Campers and their Guests must display a current parking sticker or pass at all times when on the Campground premises. 



All pets must be kept inside the Camping Unit or on a leash. Do not leave pets in your vehicle. Do not tie pets to Campground equipment or trees.  Excessive barking or failure of the Seasonal Camper to keep their pets leashed when outside of the Camping Unit, or leaving pets unattended, will result in the Campground refusing to allow the pet on the property. Pet owners must clean up after their pets. Pets must be current in their rabies and distemper vaccinations. In the event an animal harms another animal or person in the park, the pet will be barred from the Campground.  No pets are allowed in the buildings, pool area or playgrounds.  No Pit Bulls or aggressive dogs are allowed on the Campground premises.  Dog Run and Kennels are not allowed.  Enclosed Dog ‘potty areas’ may be allowed as an extension of a deck that meet strict specifications and require advance approval.



Parents must directly supervise all children under the age of 8 at the playground at all times.  The playground closes at dusk. 



No swimming is allowed in the ponds.  No chemicals are to be applied to the ponds to treat for weeds.  No grass clippings allowed in the pond.  There are NO LIFEGUARDS on duty in the vicinity of the lakes and ponds or on the Campground premises.



All Seasonal Campers and their Guests must ensure children under the age of 16 are supervised at all times while at the Campground.  A parent/guardian must accompany all children while at the pool and pool area.  Anyone who swims does so at his or her own risk.  There is NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY at the Campground.  Pool hours are 9am – Dusk.  Management reserves the right to close the pool for any reason.  No glass bottles or items are allowed on the pool deck.  No food or beverages may be consumed in the pool. 


Quiet Hours:

11:00 pm to 8:00 am. Campfires must be out no later than I2:30 am and Campers must be indoors. Children under 13 must be back at their site by dusk. Teens over 13 must be back at Campsites by 11:00 pm and remain there until 8:00 am the following day. The playground, basketball court and pool close at dusk. Before 11:00 pm, the campground operates on a ‘common sense courtesy’ basis. If your neighbors ask you to lower the noise level at your site, please comply.


Selling / Purchasing an RV or Personal Property in the Park:

Stand Rock Campground does not sell RV’s or personal property or represent buyers or sellers.  Posting advertisements on social media or our website for campers wishing to sell personal property in the campground is a courtesy and does not indicate we are representing sellers or buyers.  No ‘FOR SALE’ signs are allowed on RV sites or on display in, on or around the RV unit or personal property with the exception of Management designated ‘Open Houses’.  All RV’s MUST have approval from management to be resold on an existing site and /or to remain in the park. Management reserves the right to decide if a customer is an appropriate fit for a particular site. Any individual purchasing an RV on a Campsite must first gain approval from the Campground Management. Potential buyers must fill out an application and are subject to a public records background check. Campground Admission Agreement is non-refundable and non-transferable.Management reserves the right to use discretion in denying an Admission Agreement.


Sewer Connections:

PVC sewer connections are required.  RV’s must have a holding tank and the Seasonal Campers must use proper chemicals to aid in the breakdown of waste. 


Shutting off Utilities:

All Seasonal Campers are encouraged to unplug their RV and turn off the water when they are not camping. The Campground will not cover any losses caused by electric or plumbing failure or power surges while residents are away.  


Site Improvements: 

(Including but not limited to sheds, storage units, decks, patios, landscaping, parking areas, flag poles, fire pits, antennas). Campground Management must approve in advance any site improvements and any personal property stored on the campsite. The Seasonal Camper is expected to submit a ‘Site Improvement’ form to the Office. Seasonal Campers are expected to provide basic improvements to their campsite at their expense. Parking areas at campsites are required and must be lined with landscape timbers or pavers and finished with ‘Pink Lady’ stone. Lawn mowers, bicycles, etc. must be stored in an approved storage shed.  One shed per site is allowed. Campsites must have a patio or deck.  Decks must have rails for safety purposes. No gravel, grass, camping mats, rugs or other items may be substituted for a deck or patio.  All decks and patios must be built to traditional specifications with traditional building materials. Decks must be ‘floating’, be a minimum of 6” above ground and built on concrete pillars. Camper agrees to complete improvements by August 1st, of the current season. Seasonal Campers must get approval from management for an extension on this timeline. 


Site Numbers:

All Seasonal Campers need to have their site number clearly displayed on their RV or campsite, as well as on their Golf Carts, Boats and Trailers. 



Smoking is not allowed in buildings, on the pool deck or within 20 feet of any building. Campers must use designated smoking areas only. 


Speed Limit: 

The MAXIMUM Speed Limit is 5mph throughout the Campground. The Campground is not liable for damage to vehicles due to inappropriate crossing of speed bumps. 


Supervision of Minors: 

Children under the age of 18 may not be left on the Campground premises without an adult 21 years of age or older supervising on site at all times.  It is the sole responsibility of adult parents / guardians to provide age appropriate supervision to ALL CHILDREN under the age of 18. The Campground is not responsible for supervision of children under any circumstances. 



Trails around the property are rough terrain and not regularly maintained. No motorized vehicles, bicycles or other riding devices are allowed on the paths. We assume no responsibility for accidents on the trails.



NO cutting or climbing of trees. NO nails in trees to hang items. The Campground is not responsible for vehicles, personal property or RV units under or around trees in the Campground should they sustain any damage.  Do not place or remove tags from trees.



The Campground is a Gun Free, Weapon Free Zone. Absolutely no weapons are allowed on the Campground premises. 


As time passes rules are subject to be added, deleted, and modified. 

Please check with the office throughout the season for the most updated copy. 

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